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Are you considering working with Home River Group in Salt Lake City, UT? You might want to read these reviews before doing so. For renters and home owners, we seek to provide authentic reviews about the company so you can make the most informed decision.

Home River Group Reviews from Renters & Owners in Utah

Should You Work With Home River Group in Salt Lake City, Utah?

Don't Do It

"Don't do it. Whatever you do, live homeless if you have to. But don't live in a Homeriver group property in the state of Utah."
Kaillia N

Questionable Ethics

A rental agreement is between two parties; however, once you sign an agreement with Home River Group Utah, don’t count on them to hold up on their end of the agreement. You’ll be left in the dark with maintenance issues and they will ultimately try to hold you responsible for any issue. That’s not what working with a property management company should be like.

If you want a reliable property management company in Utah, it’s not Home River Group.

Your Safety Shouldn't Be a Request

"A fire was started in my microwave in the middle of the night due to a fuse I was told, by the first service visit by a man named TC. I was not able to get ahold of anybody in almost three months. No emails or phone calls. I sent repeeded messages asking about status of microwave. I finally got a new one installed two and a half months later. I go online to check my balance which is paid in full the entire year by the way. And see almost $500 charged for a service call and new microwave."
Alan B

It's not you, it's them

From home owners to renters, the sentiment is the same – Home River Group is a rip off. They start by stealing money from potential renters in application fees and are known to scam honest hardworking landlords and renters out of money. It’s bad business, plain and simple.


"Had an issue over the weekend that created a disturbance for me and other tenants in the building. Reached out three times on Saturday, and never even got a follow up call back. Ended up having to call a third party to come and resolve the issue."
Hayden J

Get legal help

We're helping put together a class action suit against Home River Group in Salt Lake City, UT. If you would like to join the list, please let us know.

A company to avoid

Although Home River Group is a nationwide company, we can’t imagine this group in Salt Lake City is too dissimilar from other groups across the country. Renters and owners should be warned that the company’s employees rarely respond to maintenance requests, do not answer phone calls and will rarely respond to emails. Home River Group Utah’s property managers do not provide their phone numbers or work emails likely due to appropriate harassment from renters and owners.

You will be lied to. You will experience a breach of contract (on their part). You will lose money. Don’t do it.

Your Money Isn't Safe

"Horrible business with this people. They don't care about their clients just care about themselves. We have wait for a full refund that they own us, we called every single week to pick up our check cause we didn't want it mail it. Guess what? They hold the check until the very last day of the month and then mail it."
Rizos N

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Whatever you do, please avoid working with this company.

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Home River Group in Salt Lake City, Utah

Home River Group is a property management company that operates at a national level with locations in Salt Lake City, Boise, Sacramento and more. The company works with homeowners and renters, but does not have a very good track record. A quick Google search of the company will provide countless reviews from customers of Home River Group who were treated wrongfully, unfairly and in many cases, unlawfully. 

Reviews for Home River Group

Our reviews collected here are from interactions of Salt Lake City, Utah residents. These reviews are publicly available on platforms like Google, Facebook, Yelp and the Better Business Bureau. We exist to act as reference for those interested in working with Home River Group of Utah by providing an aggregated source of reviews.

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It is our hope with this information that you can be protected and well-informed before choosing to work with a deplorable company like Home River Group. It’s your money and your investment; protect it.