3 Years Later, Home River Group is Still a Scam

I recently attempted to purchase a rental through this company. Initially, the service seemed good, but then they expected a $1000 down payment before I even saw the contract. To be delivered to SLC. I live in Orem. Yeah, avoid this place if you can. It screams of being a scam.

Edit: 3 years later, because I just saw this. I stand by what I said, and am not taking this down until you change your business practices to allow for online monthly payments and make it easier for people who live 45 minutes away from your office to conduct business with you. You only got one star, because it was the lowest rating I could give you at the time. Three years later I still remember the experience, and it was terrible. Have a nice day!

Response from Home River Group:

Aaron, I apologize if you had a less than satisfactory experience with our company. Our records show that we attempted communication with you several times to get a move in date (which is necessary for us to write up the lease) and you didn’t respond back. We clearly let you know on 6/20 at 8:45 am that you would have until today by close of business to provide us a move in date, review and sign the lease, and arrange payment of your security deposit (all if which are standard business practices in the rental industry). Questioning the authenticity of our company because you failed to follow instructions is disingenuous and misleading to other googlers.
The response from Home River Group reads like an outright lie. We agree with Aaron in this review – Home River Group needs to take some accountability and update its business practices. The only thing disingenuous to other Googlers is how Home River Group will treat them (should they become a renter). Imagine dealing with this business for 3 years.

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