Buyer – or Renter – Beware


I don’t generally write negative reviews, however, this company (BMG Rentals) has made threats of collections against myself and my daughter and former spouse. They moved out of their apartment in 2016 and the owner NEVER CONTACTED ANYONE – THE KIDS WHO LIVED THERE OR ME – THE CO-SIGNER IN ANY WAY. THEY HAD OUR ADDRESSES, EMAILS, PHONE NUMBERS, ETC. Yet, rather than reach out to let the kids (who are now divorced) or myself know that three was an amount owed, they held onto this until recently when I was served papers at my home.

No contact for 6 years, then they send it to an attorney?! This is wrong on so many counts. I would have had no problem with making sure this was taken care of, but to be silent for 6 years and then attack us is unprofessional.

Response from Home River Group:

Thank you for your rating. It is our goal to ensure everyone is 100% satisfied, so we are disappointed to see this low rating. We would like the chance to correspond personally with you, so please reach out to us at at your earliest convenience, so we can work with you to make this right. We hope to hear from you.

As evidenced by this review and many others, Home River Group will undoubtedly take advantage of you. Even if 6 years have passed by.

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