Complaints About Marshal Wiscombe Continue

One of Home River Group’s most well-known account managers continues to anger customers of the property management company. Just as it seemed changes were being made to Home River’s personnel, we continue to uncover reviews of Marshal Wiscombe.

Who Is Marshal Wiscombe?

Marshal Wiscombe is listed as the “lead property manager” on Home River Group‘s company website. That’s an easy title to obtain when you lead the way in ripping off and upsetting customers. It’s one thing to over-promise and consistently under-deliver, but deliberately lying and deceiving customers of Home River is not what a leader does.

Reviews of Marshal Wiscombe

If you take a quick look at any of Home River Group Utah’s reviews, you’ll see Marshal pop up a number of times.

Lack of professionalism to say the least. My roommate and I were living at a property owned by Rize Property Management and they had zero issues with them. However, before our lease ended they switched over to Home River and we wish they hadn’t. We were moving out and when we asked where to leave our keys they told us to just drop them off at their building. After MULTIPLE calls going to voicemail, we decided to go to their office. When we showed up to the office, there was a sign that said they had been vacant and everyone was working from home. They ended up returning our phone A WHOLE WEEK LATER, which was very frustrating after we didn’t want to get charged for not returning our keys. We ended up getting our deposit back a whole month later after WE called and asked what was taking so long. When we finally received the deposit back we received under HALF of our deposit, after leaving our apartment completely spotless and no damages at all. When we emailed them they claimed that there was a $250 cleaning fee and a $50 charge for a closet door that was off the hinges. A $50 charge that we sent in a maintenance request BEFORE they switched over, had no control of them switching owners, and furthermore had it fixed previously for the same incident. When we questioned a cleaning fee because we paid one BEFORE we moved in as shown in the picture below we were confused on why we would have one moving out. In the picture below this was a breakdown cost of us moving into the apartment that we would get $500 REFUNDED FULLY to us when we move and in no way would they take out a cleaning fee from our deposit. In conclusion, they lack professionalism and you should not rent any of the properties they own. If I could give negative stars I would and very disappointing they’re trying to not give the FULL amount back. Also, if you work with Marshal this might happen to you as well.

Let me preface by saying I have never left a review in my life, let alone a negative one. We were living in an apartment managed by Rize Property Management and they were nothing but wonderful and professional. The last month of our lease the complex switched to HomeRiver and it has been the worst experience imaginable. You can pretty much guarantee they’ll never respond to your phone calls. They visited the complex and when I asked where to leave the keys upon move out they told me to drop them off at their office. I drove there, and there was a sign saying the office has been vacant for months and everyone was working from home. I called them asking where to drop our keys off as our lease had ended, and the office was closed, and it took them over a week to return my call. I left nearly 15 messages and countless emails. Additionally, they never returned our deposit until we emailed asking what was taking so long. It took over a month from the end of our lease to get our money back. And when we finally did, they’d only returned less than HALF of our original deposit. Not to mention the apartment was left in perfect condition and there’s no reason they should’ve cut our return by $300. Our lease ended 3 weeks after they took over and in that short amount of time they’ve been an absolute nightmare. I wish I could give them less than one star for their sheer lack of communication. I do not recommend renting a property that they manage, and their manager Marshal is nothing but unprofessional. Prepare for BS and manipulation if you decide to affiliate with HomeRiver.

The partnership began with BMG Rentals and they were great. The company then changed hands and it’s been a struggle ever since. I worked with a guy named Marshal who had too many communication issues, failed to disclose there was an animal in the property with one of the tenants (major problem bud) and failed to do routine inspections of the property; I asked constantly for updates and couldn’t get anything from him. Under his watch, I was charged for their plumber to “fix” a damaged fridge water line with duct tape, they charged me for a broken window that was never actually repaired and charged me multiple times for a spot in the living room ceiling that had to be repaired more than once because they do not check the work of their maintenance workers.

$150 lease initiation fee, $13/month property services fee charged on top of base lease rent. Charged $300 to rehang existing blinds yet claimed had to be replaced new, $90 to clean 15sqft of carpet. Lease was never countersigned by ANY party. Marshall Wiscombe refused to address false charges for new blinds. They are churning tenants for fees on move-out.

DO NOT rent from home river group! The leasing agent Marshal is the most inconsiderate landlord I’ve ever talked to and does not care at all about his tenants. He is extremely rude when I have done nothing to deserve that level of disrespect. You’re better off finding a different leasing company.

I would highly recommend not renting from this company. I have never been robbed by my leasing company and charged ridiculously high fees for something I didn’t do nor treated so poorly by the leasing agent. Marshal is very inconsiderate about the tenants and lies about “loving having you as a tenant” – I’m being evicted because of these fees even though I have always paid my rent. If you decide to rent from them just know you have been warned.

In a sad attempt to improve his own reviews, there are also accounts of Marshal faking reviews on Google:
Marshal from HomeRiver Group Salt Lake City Property Management is an absolutely amazing property manager! His work quality is top-notch! He’s productive, independent and reliable. His job knowledge is outstanding! He is also very cooperative and is very committed to his job and making his clients lives easier. If you are looking for an outstanding property manager that puts your best interests at heart then he is your guy!

This 5-star review was posted by Alexis Wiscombe. Strange coincidence in the last name, right? There’s plenty of accounts of fake reviews and this just adds to it.

You would think with all of the negativity surrounding Marshal that upper management would make changes. However, he lies and deceives customers to make the company money, so he’s probably actually valued by this unethical company.

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