Do Not Rent from Home River Group

As much as we can write about it and hear from previous renters, the reviews of Home River Group keep coming through.

Do not rent from HRG! When we first arrived, we had to deep clean the entire house and remove garbage from the previous tenants before we even moved in. It took the entire day to clean and repair the house. Cabinets were falling off the hinges and door pins were almost completely out of the door hinges. The fridge was also not working when we arrived. It was obvious that a real “inspection” of the house hadn’t been conducted. Then upon moving out, after fixing these problems ourselves and again deep cleaning the house, HRG took hundreds of dollars from our deposit.

They obviously don’t use the money to fix or clean the house and just keep it for themselves.

The one benefit of renting from HRG is that it motivated us to save up to buy a house so that we wouldn’t have to rent from people like this again.

  • Tiffany Prettyman

Thank you for your submission, Tiffany. We’re glad to hear you were able to save up and buy a home, but upset to hear about your experience with Home River Group. If this sounds like an experience you have had, please leave a review on Google to help warn future renters.

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