Does HRG Discriminate Against Renters?

Finding a place to rent in Utah is tough. There are a lot of people who have moved from other states for work or for family reasons and just need a place to live. Add increasing rental prices and a lack of inventory to the mix and you can see why it’s difficult to find a place. On top of all of that, it appears Home River Group is now selective with who it shows properties to.

A quick look at Home River Group’s Google reviews shows they struggle to show properties to qualified renters.

Just trying to look at places through them has been a nightmare. I haven’t been able to get into any of these places, and no one has helped me. Good luck.
– Davi Johnson

I reached out about touring a rental, this management company emailed me back to let me know the rental was available, toured and put in an application that same day. Later that week they let me know the place was off the market. $75 spent on an application for a rental that it seems like they already had a qualified applicant for before I even reached out about the place. Call before you put in an application to specifically ask if they have any other applications in.

– Savannah Bailey

If Home River Group Utah doesn’t like you for any reason, they will choose to ignore you or find excuses to not show properties to you. Or worse, they will take your application fee and then tell you the property is off the market. Call us antiquated, but this all sounds like discrimination.

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