Don’t Waste Your Time or Money with Home River Group

Home River Group Salt Lake City is probably the least professional rental group in the Salt Lake Valley.

We kindly asked that they showed us the house/let us move in as soon as they could, as we’re all from out of state. Of course they reached out on the last possible day. They did not have keys ready for us until about two weeks after we’d all moved in. So what were they doing in all this spare time? Definitely NOT cleaning up the rental unit. The pictures they’d posted online of the unit were very nice, but the condition of the unit when we arrived was disgusting. Dirt COVERING the hardwood floors; front screen door was rusting out. A bunch of boxes, a rug, and garbage in the basement from previous renters. every sink/drain besides two in the entire house were CLOGGED. They also neglected to mention this house had a mouse problem in previous years. I will say the maintenance man was always kind and prompt to fix the drains that never seemed to work properly from the start. Thank god they switched us to another leasing group 3 months into our lease. To my surprise our rent went down and we stopped having to deal with inspections every so often. All in all dealing with this rental company was an absolutely excruciating and disappointing process and I would recommend looking elsewhere if you plan to rent out a unit. Don’t waste your money or time with these jokes.

  • Cameron K.

Wow, Cameron. Just wow. We’re sorry to hear about your experience.

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