Expect Disappointment from Home River Group Utah

Don’t waste your time or money!!!! We are trying to find a property for our boys to rent, and we spoke directly with HomeRiver about a property the boys were interested in. They told us there were no other applications in process, and that they had one other old approved application, but that it looked like it was not going to be signed. These boys gathered the info and money and turned in an application the next day.

Within a couple of hours of the boys turning in the application, the property went off the market.

We called HomeRiver and they said the property had a signed lease. We asked about a refund of the application fees (close to $200) and they said it would not be returned. Money reserved for background checks / credit checks was not going to be used but instead pocketed by them would not be returned. I have spoken to several other rental management companies and all of them said they would make an exception in a case like this, since the money had not been spent yet. I can understand not refunding application fees if the money had been used to conduct background checks or other 3rd party work, but nothing had been done, and they were just going to keep the money.

It might be in the Home River Group Utah’s policy that way, but it’s not ethical. So if you are looking for a company that will make the right decision when it’s needed, I would look somewhere else.


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