From Rize Property Management to a Nightmare

Lack of professionalism to say the least.

My roommate and I were living at a property owned by Rize Property Management and they had zero issues with them. However, before our lease ended they switched over to Home River Group Salt Lake City and we wish they hadn’t. We were moving out and when we asked where to leave our keys they told us to just drop them off at their building. After MULTIPLE calls going to voicemail, we decided to go to their office. When we showed up to the office, there was a sign that said they had been vacant and everyone was working from home. They ended up returning our phone A WHOLE WEEK LATER, which was very frustrating after we didn’t want to get charged for not returning our keys. We ended up getting our deposit back a whole month later after WE called and asked what was taking so long. When we finally received the deposit back we received under HALF of our deposit, after leaving our apartment completely spotless and no damages at all. When we emailed them they claimed that there was a $250 cleaning fee and a $50 charge for a closet door that was off the hinges. A $50 charge that we sent in a maintenance request BEFORE they switched over, had no control of them switching owners, and furthermore had it fixed previously for the same incident. When we questioned a cleaning fee because we paid one BEFORE we moved in as shown in the picture below we were confused on why we would have one moving out. In the picture below this was a breakdown cost of us moving into the apartment that we would get $500 REFUNDED FULLY to us when we move and in no way would they take out a cleaning fee from our deposit. In conclusion, they lack professionalism and you should not rent any of the properties they own. If I could give negative stars I would and very disappointing they’re trying to not give the FULL amount back. Also, if you work with Marshal this might happen to you as well.

  • Kenedi Morton

Another bad experience with Marshal Wiscombe? How many clients will Home River Group allow Marshal to treat like this?

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