Home River Group Is a “Nightmare”

In another recent review of Home River Group in Salt Lake City, the tenant has identified her experience with HRG as a nightmare.

Cockroaches - Home River GroupI’m amazedby the number of positive reviews but I imagine they belong to BMG, not Home River. I’ve been in for one month and it’s a nightmare — cockroaches, decades of dirt and dust and mites and god knows what else that I was told was cleaned before move-in, no follow-up from the company and transparency is a joke. This place has never been professionally cleaned in its life. The unit had wall controls for central AC I noticed during the self-led walk through and we talked about having the vents clean so myself and my service animal didn’t get sick when it was turned on and blew gunk and not only was it not cleaned but no one ever said it doesn’t have AC. I’m 30 days in, can’t wait to see what winter brings once this 102-degree weather passes.

  • Amanda Drake

As you can see from the photo above of the cockroach, all we can say is gross.

We know Home River Group is a nightmare, but we are shocked at Jessica’s experience. Any residence that is managed by a property management group in Utah should be professionally cleaned prior to a tenant moving in.

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