Home River Group Posts Fake Reviews On Its Facebook Page

Not only have we seen this company post fake reviews on its Google page (from its employees like Marshal Wiscombe), but now it looks like they have resorted to posting fake reviews on Facebook.

“I met Steve today at a car show and he was friendly and told me about your company. He’s a great asset to the company.”

This review was left by someone named Stephanie Roper who has left one other review of a business online. So, she randomly bumped into someone at a car show and then decided to leave this business a 5-star review on Google? Sounds pretty fake.

“First of many great reviews for HomeRiver. But I have to hand this one out to our man Marty who has been there thru the thick and thin, if you’re worried about maintenance or appliance issues you have my word that Home River will take care of you. Accidents happen, previous owners can be reckless .. but when you got a team like Marty and his crew, you will be amazed at the speed and quality of this man. And a delightful guy just shoot the proverbial with if you’re feeling lonely. All hands on deck, and the office staff seems to be very in sync with the maintenance tickets, when I called (last minute) to add on a stove top needing to be fixed as well. You can bet Marty showed up not a minute late and fixed the stovetop in what I clocked out about 40 seconds. Thank you, homerriver fan for life!”

This review was left by a person named Randy Thoms. Other reviews left by this person are from Michigan. Just to be clear, this means that this person found Home River Group in Utah and decided to leave a review even though the person appears to live in Michigan? Right.

“I’ve been renting from them for about a year and a half now and they’ve been really great to work with! Shout-out to Kasey Moynier and Natalia Sanchez for consistently being quick to respond to service requests and any questions! Also, their tenet website is pretty good, definitely one of the best ones I’ve used.”

This review was left by a Benjamin Chisholm. While this review may not be faked, it’s easy to tell it was commissioned. Maybe Benjamin received a month of free rent?

With all of these reviews, the writing is between the lines. Home River Group is a scam coming up with fake reviews or paying customers to leave reviews. Don’t get fooled into renting from this property management company by reading its fake online reviews. Look up real information on the Better Business Bureau and if you have rented from Home River Group, leave a real review of your experience. The only way they will make changes is if enough customers complain about their service.

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  1. Jeanette Soladero

    Home River Group started out great with the first property manager when we first moved in she was awesome Michelle O. was very compassionate and very welcoming. The company switched property managers without notice and we had Regina Romero she was the worst property manager ever we put in maintenance repairs and even call her number and email her voice mail always says box full it takes almost 2 weeks before you can hear from her by them your maintenance repairs have gotten worse and out of control she is a nightmare and very poor property manager beware if you use this group and have her as your property manager they do not come out to physically see what is going on they use the lowest bid contractors that will tell you they have a small budget for repairs by the property management and they will do a sloppy job if it’s a big repair you can get several contractors coming out because the first one never finished the repair job it’s very frustrating but, they still want your rent money I have live their for over a year very disappointed and false advertising.Houston Home River Group

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