Home River Group Takes Money Without Authorization

In another new discovery with Home River Group ripping off its customers, we found this information through the Better Business Bureau. The way Home River Group treats its customers is astounding and is likely illegal.

Here are the details of this recent complaint:

I have lived in a Townhome owned by HomeRiver Group for 6 years and have always paid my rent online, but NOT by automatic payment method. I prefer to schedule payments myself. This month, the Management Group posted duplicate payments to my bank in the amount of $911.95. They claim that I authorized these 2 payments. The payments made my bank go into Overdraft and now I need to transfer money from my Savings to cover while they file a dispute. HomeRiver Group manager, Taryn C******** tells me that they CAN NOT reverse a payment and have NO WAY to do that, which I find questionable at best. I have received several unpleasant e-mails from Ms. C******** re: this matter and I would like to report the company on this issue.

The robotic response from Home River Group:


Tenants are the ONLY people who can authorize payments, so this tenant did in fact schedule a payment and make a one time payment (I showed her the proof of her doing this ), which resulted in the two payments.

I did inform her that based on the initial information she gave us, we cannot issue refunds on payments that will be returned due to insufficient funds, as they will automatically be returned NSF. She THEN told me that she had overdraft protection and it wouldn’t be returned due to insufficient funds. I requested proof that the payment would clear and never received that from the tenant. She has since filed a dispute with her bank, so I cannot do anything further at this time until her bank resolves that dispute.

Please let me know if you need additional details or have any questions.

The response from the renter:

I am rejecting this response because: I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ********, and find that this resolution is not satisfactory to me. It is not true that I set up an Automatic payment as stated by Ms. C********. I reviewed my account and there is no record of any “recurring payment/automatic payment”. Also, to set the payment up, it would have required me to fill out dates, etc and info which I have never done.  I am concerned that perhaps this was not done only to me and have never received, nor seen any proof this was done EXCEPT for an email response that doesn’t really prove anything and could have been in error. I would ask that the company look into what may be a very serious problem with their payment portal system and also have them print out an actual transaction report that shows it was set up by myself, not just and email receipt. I would assume any reputable company would be able to provide this.

Home River Group is knowingly stealing money from people and getting away with it. If any other business did this with its customers, they would be charged with a crime. How long is this behavior from Home River Group going to be allowed? All across the country, this company is a scam.

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  1. Bill Bergey

    They go around and get contractors to do work for these tenants that already pissed off because the have been waiting months for Home River to do the repairs. The Contractor does the work and HRG does not pay them. They are a very shady company and should be investigated for their activities across the country. Im positive it goes deeper then we could imagine this is just scratching the surface.

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