Home River Group Utah Posts Fake Reviews

Folks, be careful out there. A few users of Home River Group UT Reviews have informed us the team at HRG is posting their own reviews in Google. Specifically, it looks like one of the managers named Marshal Wiscombe is commissioning people to post positive reviews.

Review sites like Google and Yelp aren’t able to decipher the real versus fake reviews, so you just have to read them for yourself.

Here’s a fake review for Marshal posted by Josh Erickson:

Marshall has been great to deal with, very knowledgeable and professional. Marshall answered all my real estate questions with prompt and timely responses. If you need anything at all …….. Marshall is your guy!
Thank you

Just below this review is another fake one from J Erickson:

A very professional company especially Mr. Marshall what a hand!! With him as an asset this company is definitely going places. Keep up the good work HomeRiver!

It’s the same fake information posted by Marshal Wiscombe in a sad attempt to offset HRG and his own reviews. It’s pretty sad. Pathetic really. What’s even more pathetic is that Marshal responds to the reviews himself, carrying on this dialogue in his own world.

And another 5-star review comes from Colton Wiscombe just below these two fake reviews. Isn’t it funny that Colton Wiscombe left a positive review for Marhal Wiscombe.

We can’t make this stuff up about Home River Group.

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