Is Home River Group Legit?

We’re often asked if Home River Group is legit or not. The reviews of this company would seem to answer whether or not the company is a scam, but nonetheless, we are here to help!

From Renters

If you take a look at reviews from renters, you’ll see the company has a lot of issues. From its Utah office to locations in California, Illinois and other states, you’ll quickly discover renters who work with Home River Group are not happy. Due to the companies policies, procedures and overall approach to customers service, it’s easy to see how the customer themselves are lost in the process.

Even with all of the complaints against Home River Group, the company still is legitimate. The company operates like any other property management business. Where you’ll find the company is different is in how it treats the fundamental component of its business — you.

From Owners

Like the tenants who rent out their houses, the owners who work with Home River Group are equally irked by this property management company. We’ve posted review after review from real owners who have had a variety of issues after working with Home River Group.

Again, the company remains legitimate. It might be ripping off its owners and renters, but under the guise of the law, it’s still a legal company with a legitimate business practice.

From Vendors & Employees

With renters and owners understandably having issues with Home River Group, it leaves us to wonder – do Home River Group’s own employees and vendors think the company is legit?

According to one vendor on

I was supposedly hired on as vendor contractor and did work for them and have not received payment in the amount of $1,000. This was in Philadelphia PA and the manager I worked with was Jessica Moyer. I was hired to deliver and install a new stove for a home, but I was never paid for my work.

  • Bob Green

Sadly, the company doesn’t seem to treat its employees kindly either:

If you are a service-oriented person this is not the place for you. Continually ran into issues with lack of support to serve the customer. red tape everywhere and more than once was asked to do some questionable things regarding inspection approvals and slipshod maintenance reports. Not much integrity involved here. Had to quit so I wouldn’t have to keep lying to my customers. Most co-workers came in stressed and left stressed out all the time. Upper management pushed us to constantly recruit customers to leave good reviews online. I’ve seen some really underhanded stuff. If you need a paycheck and don’t mind leaving your integrity at the door and can agree to lying to customers, this might be ok for you.

  • (name redacted for privacy)

So, Is Home River Group Legitimate?

While you might be asking yourself if Home River Group is a legit business and more than an outright scam, we can say the business is not purely out to get people. It is, however, greatly lacking in how it treats its renters, home owners, vendors and employees. It’s our recommendation to not work with this company. Save your money, save your time.

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  1. Autumn Harper

    Thanks for heads up. I have been trying to contact them for a week now. I give up because of they out of office do to covid. What?? It’s 4 29 22 with 70 percent of ky. Vac so not sure what that is about. My landlord after 18 yrs sold property. We were told new owner would take of our broken water heater and our broken furnace central air and broken stairs to our entrance etc etc. It was restoration project for new owner. Well 3 months after trying to get with anyone we are leaving. Got an invoice taped to congrats homeriver is in charge. Please pay portal what portal. Tried too and says I’m so.meone named John omg where my lease where is a callback I guess ghosts work at homeriver who don’t want fix things but your want your money. They are so obvious when they manage a property sight unseen. Last management company came and said sorry guys it not worth our 12percent. Be aware owners unless u run a bad business too.

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