Lying About Zero Applicants

I inquired about a property on 8/19 and was told there were zero applicants. I proceeded to apply and pay their fee. After not hearing from them I followed up on 8/24 and was told there was another applicant on 8/17. Given their 48-hour turnaround, they knew they had a qualified applicant before I applied. They also informed me that a lease had been signed but payment hadn’t been received. If payment wasn’t received by the 26th, they claimed I would be the next applicant. Naturally, they didn’t follow up with me so I checked on the 26th and it was of course rented.

To make matters worse it’s now the 30th and the property still shows available on their website and others. I can only assume they’re still happily accepting application fees for a property that has been rented.

Also worth mentioning, the property I looked at had improperly installed a new stove. It was something I could fix, but I’m considerably more handy than the average renter. Don’t expect quality work from their maintenance team.

Going forward I’m choosing not to do business with HomeRiver Group. If they’re this much of a joke before renting I can only imagine how it would be dealing with them as management.

Response from Home River Group in Utah:

Thank you for your rating. It is our goal to ensure everyone is 100% satisfied, so we are disappointed to see this low rating. We would like the chance to correspond personally with you, so please reach out to us at at your earliest convenience, so we can work with you to make this right. We hope to hear from you.

What a robotic response. This response is about as careless as their approach to renters and homeowners. Thanks for your review, Chris inSL, and we hope you found a better company to work with.

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