Maintenance Is A Ripoff

Whether you’re a renter or a homeowner, rest assured that Home River Group doesn’t maintain anything. You’ll still be charged, but you’ll be lucky if Home River’s maintenance person changes a furnace filter. Any other issues…forget about it. We’ve even heard from past customers that the company’s maintenance person rarely even visits properties.

A recent Google review shows this complete lack of accountability and the fact that they are ripping off their renters:

They charge you for maintenance (each month) and yet do NOTHING! They won’t even change a filter. They will take your full deposit. Trust me, I cleaned, covered holes and even painted before I left. That place looked 100 times better when I left than when I moved in. They don’t care about their tenants. I had water POURING in my kitchen…they took DAYS to work on the problem…and since it happened 3 times I asked them to check for mold. Ha that was a joke!

  • Anthony Alires

We sympathize with this renter’s experience. Not only is it the responsibility of the property management company to maintain things, renters and homeowners pay for the service. At the bare minimum, Home River Group Utah should be responsible for basic maintenance.

As always, be cautious if you’re considering renting from Home River Group. You will get ripped off and will hope that you went with a different company.

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