Mike the Maintenance Guy Leaves His Own Reviews?

I don’t understand how a professional business could honestly think this is a good idea like people wouldn’t figure it out. As we patrol the real reviews about the Salt Lake City Home River Group, there’s always a handful of fake reviews that stand out.

Well folks, today we found a gem.

Home River Group Utah’s maintenance person is named Mike Erickson and he received what seems like a great review on Google:

The tech mike Erickson was very helpful to answer all of my questions. And also very polite. I definitely appreciate him taking the time to fix the problem and answer my many questions.

At first glance, this looks great. However, this review of the maintenance technician was posted by his manager, Casey. Seems a bit biased don’t you think?

But that’s not it.

Mike Erickson decided to hop online review his own company, Home River Group. Just in case you are not following, Mike Erickson works for Home River Group. He isn’t a renter or home owner.

This is a great company. Excellent staff, great work ethic, and superior customer service. Thank you Homeriver

The amount of fake garbage this company puts out should be criminal. They take renter’s money, take their time with maintenance and then review themselves like they are rockstars.

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