Not Only Unprofessional, Also Delusional & Rude

I never wrote a negative review before. Congrats, you guys.

If you can avoid, avoid – 3 years living in that place, I literally made it a classy apartment after moving into a dump at first. Polished floors and brass bits, and changed bathroom fixtures, fixed doors and door frames, the whole 9 yards.

They ” forgot” to tell me that I had a storage room only to mention it literally 2 months before I left.

They hassled me for weeks to renew my lease, and when I did , they forgot to renew my lease and send me a copy. Then this guy from their office called me once in the most demanding tone talking about my contract, when I pointed out that I don’t have a contract, he changed the tone, and started convincing me to shift from month to month to another yearly, for a $50 discount (probably to cover up his incompetence, which I turned down.

They had this funny way of charging for utilities and bills, they calculate the whole building and divide it by the number of apartments with no physical bill or statement of usage, it will just say ” utilities” ( YES, I KID YOU NOT)

They’ll send you a huge list of stuff to do and clean before You move out, yet won’t put in the effort to come over and take the keys to the place and inspect it, that would not help deduct from Your refund dummy!! Nah, they’ll still charge You for cleaning, “damage” etc, so don’t bother cleaning Your place when You’re done. plus a ton of these little sleazy realtor things they do.
and finally, the tone of their employees on the phone, you people gotta realize, YOU WORK FOR US, not the other way around.

I was never given keys, only a code to the front door, I was the one who installed a key on the back door, yet they asked me to forfeit the apartment “keys”, which showed me these guys NEVER been to this building before, since, I know for a fact that my neighbors and I only have codes. So not only unprofessional, also delusional and rude.

I lived in a 4-apartment building, 3/4 tenants moved out the same time because it’s not worth it dealing with this, I am glad I ended this situation.

Thank you for your review, Akram. This truly is a mess, unprofessional and delusional on their part. We hope you’re able to move on and other renters can find your review about Home River Group of Salt Lake City.

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