Owners Speak Up About Home River Group Too

Our tenants despised and complained about HomeRiver to no end.

We as owners found them misleading and highly self-serving. The sales pitch was good but isn’t it always that way, if they need good salesmen then their service/product is pretty poor. Long story short, you’ll regret going with HomeRiver as an owner and feel like a bait and switch.

As a tenant, from what we’ve heard from ours, you’ll dread the day you were born. Highly unresponsive with maintenance requests. Absolutely unqualified maintenance guys that turn over every other month, always someone new and never do they know what they’re doing (which is odd because HomeRiver talked up their highly qualified and professional maintenance crew. But again, just more lies from dishonest people).

Additional fees here and there.

Surprise charges.

As a renter, if you see HomeRiver, our tenants say don’t even consider them. As an owner, you will regret your decision more and more as time goes on. Count on it.

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