Qualified Management Doesn’t Exist

While it’s one thing to hear from customers of Home River Group, it’s another thing to hear from former employees of this company. Most of the homeowners and renters here have commented about Home River Group’s lack of accountability and it’s laughable to see the same from employees.

If you are a service-oriented person this is not the place for you. Continually ran into issues with lack of support to serve the customer. red tape everywhere and more than once was asked to do some questionable things regarding inspection approvals and slipshod maintenance reports. Not much integrity involved here. Had to quit so I wouldn’t have to keep lying to my customers. Most co-workers came in stressed and left stressed out all the time. Upper management pushed us to constantly recruit customers to leave good reviews online. I’ve seen some really underhanded stuff. If you need a paycheck and don’t mind leaving your integrity at the door and can agree to lying to customers, this might be ok for you.

This individual, a former employee, was repeatedly asked to lie to the customer she managed.

Unsurprisingly, the management at Home River Group seems to have the most issues. Multiple employees noted that treatment by management, low pay, long hours and high turnover were what caused them to leave. In another review, the current employee cited horrible management from horrible leadership has caused high turnover.

If you’ve ever considered employment with Home River Group in Utah, your best bet is to keep looking. And if this isn’t convincing enough, see the Glassdoor reviews for yourself.

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