Rent At Your Own Risk

I’ve rented a lot of apartments in a lot of different states and I have never written a bad review before but renting from HomeRiver was absolutely horrible. When we first moved into our apartment it was filthy. Which would have been bad enough on its own but then half the house was broken. The shower, half the sinks, the dishwasher, the AC, lightbulbs. And to make it worse they are really really slow at responding. My house was over 90 degrees for days before I got a response. As I spent the year living there it was similar, rarely hearing from them and very long response times. When our lease ended and we decided to move we had the house professionally cleaned and they still took 95% of our deposit for “cleaning fees” They’re super nice to you until you sign a lease and then you’re just money to them. Rent at your own risk.

  • Benjamin Miller

Yet another renter burned by Home River Group. It’s sad how things just don’t seem to change.

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