Renter Moves Into Flooded Home

It still shocks us to read reviews from renters of Home River Group in Utah. You would think this company would learn from its mistakes and make changes, but they don’t. In this latest review, a new renter of Home River Group moved into a flooded house and was told he would have to wait for repairs.

Moved into a house they manage last weekend on Sunday. I tried to use the laundry room and the bathroom downstairs was flooded with water. Now when we use the bathroom downstairs it floods into the basement part of the house. We put in a work order that day, but didn’t get a plumber to come look at it till Tuesday and he said the property manager would have to approve the work. Four days later, still nothing.

I emailed the property manager and he said “yeah will send someone out, I’ll let you know when.” Still nothing.

This is turning out to be a big mistake already. Two rooms in the house can’t be used with no repair time insight. I’m stuck here for the remainder of my lease. I highly encourage no one to come near this company.

  • JE L

This situation sounds infuriating. Experiences like this is why Home River Group reviews are so poor. They have no customer service and their maintenance seems fraudulent at best. Please, avoid this company. As this reviewer recommended, don’t go near this company.

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