Shame On Home River Group of Utah

This unsurprisingly seems to be a common theme among other victims of this company (Just scroll down! It makes for great reading), but I literally have never bothered to write a review in my life. However, if a certain German dictator himself came back from the grave and happened to be in the market for an affordable 4 bed 2 bath, I would caution even him against this property management group.

I scheduled a self-access tour of a house through Home River and put in an application through their tenant portal; the total fee being $230 for four people and one guarantor. Almost immediately, the property supposedly went off the market despite the fact my co-applicants had inexplicably not been able to even access our group application, meaning the application was still incomplete. I was immediately charged for all five applicants despite the fact that it is common practice for the fee to be charged only once your *complete* application has been reviewed and processed. If another group had indeed been approved before us (which to my understanding is the only reason the property would no longer be available), I never should have been charged.

After dozens of fruitless calls to a few different numbers associated with this company, I have come to accept there may not actually be human employees. It seems that other reviewers have unfortunately had very similar experiences; all snark aside (or at least most of it), it is truly despicable to take advantage of those searching for housing in a tough market right now. Shame on you, folks. 

Response from Home River Group of Utah:

Hey Glenna, Thanks for taking the time to write your first review. Just to clarify, I am human… You can call me at “option 2, Property manager Casey” from our main number. And regarding that particular German dictator, I believe he would have several evictions on record (namely France, Italy, Russia, etc) and would likely not qualify for one of our properties…

All joking aside, I am sorry for the frustration and confusion. The application fee processes when the primary applicant submits their application, but you will not be put in line for the property, nor does the application actually process until ALL applicants have submitted their applications. It sounds like while waiting for the other (however brief), a lease was signed on the property and it was removed from availability. I believe you have already been contacted and we will get this fee refunded. Give it about a week. We have no desire to take application fees from prospective tenants who are unable to actually apply to a property.

Best of luck searching for a new place.


Not only has Home River Group stolen from this reviewer, but the manager also goes on to make a joke about the situation. The joke is Home River Group. Thankfully, it sounds like they are processing a refund for this person. Unfortunately for Home River Group, the entire experience earned them a negative rating.

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