The Worst Experience Imaginable

Let me preface by saying I have never left a review in my life, let alone a negative one. We were living in an apartment managed by Rize Property Management and they were nothing but wonderful and professional.

The last month of our lease the complex switched to HomeRiver and it has been the worst experience imaginable.

You can pretty much guarantee they’ll never respond to your phone calls. They visited the complex and when I asked where to leave the keys upon move out they told me to drop them off at their office. I drove there, and there was a sign saying the office has been vacant for months and everyone was working from home. I called them asking where to drop our keys off as our lease had ended, and the office was closed, and it took them over a week to return my call. I left nearly 15 messages and countless emails. Additionally, they never returned our deposit until we emailed asking what was taking so long. It took over a month from the end of our lease to get our money back. And when we finally did, they’d only returned less than HALF of our original deposit. Not to mention the apartment was left in perfect condition and there’s no reason they should’ve cut our return by $300. Our lease ended 3 weeks after they took over and in that short amount of time they’ve been an absolute nightmare. I wish I could give them less than one star for their sheer lack of communication. I do not recommend renting a property that they manage, and their manager Marshal is nothing but unprofessional. Prepare for BS and manipulation if you decide to affiliate with HomeRiver.

  • Katya Benedict

Yet another negative experience with Marshal Wiscombe. When will this company make changes?

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  1. Philly Bill Bergey

    I think they have a major gambling or drug problem and are using the funds for their habits.

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