“These Guys Are a Nightmare to Work With”

I wouldn’t recommend getting a property ran by this company, in my experience we rent a property from them that was in an HOA when we move in to the house we have problems with a lot of thing such as our sinks wouldn’t drain along with bath tubes. Almost all our lightbulbs in the house were burned out and our water heater had problems.which we didn’t mind because we knew that if we where renting and it would get fixed or so we thought.

These guys are a nightmare to work with. They are never open and when you do try to call, no one is in the office.

We sent multiple emails which would take a week if not weeks to answer. when they finally would answer our email and get someone to come out to take care of the problems they would set them up to come at random times not tell us. They never checked up to see if the people they hired actually finished the job or took care of the problem which by the way lived there for 9 months and our sinks still take 3 days to drain.

The second problem with these guys is any time the HOA would reach out to them it was like they were lighting fast they would have a note on our door saying if we didn’t fix what the HOA wanted we where to be evicted in 3 days for example we had a blow up hot tub on our deck and with in 24 hours we received a letter saying that it was against HOA rules to have a blow up hot tube because we didn’t pay for the water.

I didn’t have a problem following the HOA rules so we took it down its just weird that they were so able to get what the HOA wanted done in 2 days but it took them 6 weeks to send a plumber to me. Also they told us it was our responsibility to replace all the light bulbs that were going out because that is the tenants job even though we moved in and they were already burned out. All in all these guys are a pain to work with and only have their interest in mind. Would not recommend.

Burned out light bulbs, lazy service and no follow up, all while charging high rent. Would you want to rent from Home River Group?

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