They Don’t Know How to Use Phones or Email

We’ve covered in a few reviews how this company struggles with communication. In today’s day and age, the excuses that an email didn’t come through or a phone call went to voicemail are simply that – excuses.

It would be easier to contact these people by carrier pigeon than using the phone. Paid $140 for three application fees, two of which were never even received. Waited weeks for one email from them. When I pulled the plug and asked for a refund I couldn’t even get a full one for a service that was never provided. My own fault for not reading these other reviews first. Buyers beware.

Response from Home River Group of Utah:

Thank you for your rating. It is our goal to ensure everyone is 100% satisfied, so we are disappointed to see this low rating. We would like the chance to correspond personally with you, so please reach out to us at at your earliest convenience, so we can work with you to make this right. We hope to hear from you.

Another robotic response. If you’re wondering if Home River Group’s management (if you want to call them that) even care – they do not. Thanks for your review, Jackson, and we hope you’re able to find someone else to work with.

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